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Prof. Dhananjay Kumar

Professor, Department of Psychology
  • Social Cognition and Intergroup Relation
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Health and Councelling
S.NO.YearTitle of the professional development ProgrammeDate and Duration (from – to)
1 2015Understanding Social Reality: Emerging Perspectives and ApproachesFebruary 9 -March1, 2015
2 2016Clinical skill Training on Cognitive behaviour TherapNovember 12-13, 2016
3 2016Structural Equation ModellingFeb 1-2
4 2013Organizational Behavior: Issues and Challenges from August 23-29, 2013
5 2008Current Trends in Cognitive ResearchesFebruary 23-March14, 2008
6 2005Indigenous Psychology in IndiaDecember 18, 2004- January 7, 2005
7 2014Refresher Training Program on ART for Supportive SupervisorsNovember 15
8 2003Social Processes and ApplicationsJanuary 1 -21, 2003
9 2001Orientation Course 20-11-2001 to 17-12-2001
10 2014Refresher Training Program on STI for Supportive SupervisorsNovember 16


UG Experience: 21 Year(s)

PG Experience: 21 Year(s)


Total Research Experience:
  • Social Cognition and Intergroup Relation
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Health and Councelling

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17 Kumar,D., Afroz, S.  & Rao, M. (2013).Social Identity and Subjective Well-being among Hindu and Muslim community. Indian Journal of Health & Well-Being.Vol.4,Issue 4, 872-874. . ISSN: 2229-5356

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S.NO.Title of the bookTitle of the chapterNational / internationalYear of PublicationISBN NumberAffiliating InstituteAffiliating InstituteName of the publisher
1 Psyche of Asian Society Social Identity and Acculturation Attitudes among Different Tribal Groups of Jharkhand, IndiaInternational201993-86682-82-6DDU Gorakhpur UniversityDDU Gorakhpur UniversityNew Delhi: Concept Publishing Company
2 Mental Health: Psychosocial Perspectives, Volume Three- The Strength of Human ResourcesHuman Strength: Self RegulationInternational2017978-93-5125-171-2DDU Gorakhpur UniversityDDU Gorakhpur UniversityNew Delhi: Concept Publishing Company.
3 Mental Health: Psychosocial Perspective, Volume-Four: Therapeutic ApplicationsMulticultural Counseling and Therapy in the Wake of GlobalizationInternational2017978-93-5125-172-9DDU Gorakhpur UniversityDDU Gorakhpur UniversityNew Delhi: Concept Publishing Company
4 Cross Cultural Research on Mental Health with Special References to IndiaMental Health : Psycho-Social Perspective, Multi-group AnalysisInternational2015978-93-5125-170-0.DDU Gorakhpur UniversityDDU Gorakhpur UniversityNew Delhi: Concept Publishing Company
5 Health Care Management in India: Psychosocial and Neurological aspects of HIV/AIDS and other Physical and Mental Disorders Vulnerability to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in AdolescentsNational2010978-81-7708-244-9DDU Gorakhpur UniversityDDU Gorakhpur UniversityNew Delhi: New Century Publications

Ex-Member of Executive Council D. D. U. Gorakhpur  University



Member of Academic Council, D.D.U. Gorakhpur University


Ex-Member of Examination Committee D. D. U. Gorakhpur  University



  • Currently Enrolled: 6
  • Awarded:              7

S.NO.Scholar NameThesis TitleYear of Award
1 Madhu A Study of Self-Verification process among Different social Categories  
2 Kumari Anita Negative In- group Stereotyping, Self-esteem and Reactions to Justice among Different Social Categories  
3 Priyanka Kumari Accessibility of Stereotypic Attributes, Social Identity and Social Participation among Different Social Groups  
4 Suman Singh A Study of Stereotype Threat, Perceived Discrimination and Academic Performance among the Students of Different Social Groups  
5 Arpita Srivastava Cognitive Representation of HIV/AIDS, Emotional Reaction and Adherence to Treatment & well Being in HIV/AIDS People  
6 Ved Prakash Rawat A Study of Motives of Self, Social Identity, Strategies of Individual Mobility and Social Change in Tribals of North East U.P.  
7 Shraddhesh kumar Tiwari A Study of Self-Esteem, Social Stereotypes and Discrimination Behavior in Different Social Categories  

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