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Dr. Kripa Mani Mishra

Asst. Professor, Department of Physics
B. Sc., M. Sc., Ph. D.
1 B.Sc.Physics, Maths, ChemistryUniversity of Gorakhpur, Gorakhpur1992
2 MScPhysicsUniversity of Gorakhpur, Gorakhpur1994
3 PhDSolid State IonicsD. D. U Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur2002
  • Solid State Physics
  • Superionic Solids
  • Condensed Matter Physics
S.NO.DesignationCollege/InstituteFromToTotal Exp.
1 Mandeya LecturerDepartment of Physics D.D.U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur01/07/2000 20/06/2002 1 Years 11 Months
2 Mandeya LecturerDepartment of Physics, Buddha P.G. College, Kushinagar01/07/2002 30/06/2003 11 Months
3 Guest LecturerDepartment of Applied Science, M.M.M. Engineering College, Gorakhpur01/07/2003 30/06/2004 11 Months
4 Mandeya LecturerDepartment of Physics D.D.U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur01/07/2004 30/06/2010 5 Years 11 Months
5 Prof. & DeanKIPM Technical Campus GIDA Gorakhpur01/07/2010 30/06/2018 7 Years 11 Months
6 Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Physics, D.D.U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur02/07/2018 29/09/2022 (Till) 4 Years 2 Months


UG Experience: 19 Year(s)
  • 19 Years

PG Experience: 19 Year(s)
  • 19


Total Research Experience: 19 Years, after completing the Ph. D. Degree.
  • Solid State Physics
  • Superionic Solids
  • Condensed Matter Physics
1 Photoluminescence  Based Fast Detection of Amonia Gas Through TiO2Nanoparticles, Neha Singh, Nitu Singh,
K.M. Mishra, F.Z. Haque, Journal ofAdvanced Physics,
Volume5, (2016) 1-5

2 PVP Assisted Shape- Controlled Synthesis of Self-Assembled 1D ZnO and 3D CuO Nanostructures, F.Z. Haque, M.R.Parra, H. Siddqui, N.Singh, P. Pandey , K.M. Mishra, Condensed MatterSpectroscopy, Vol – 120, 3, (2016) 408 -414


Ionic andElectronic Conductivity in some Alkali Salts, F.Z. Haque, K.M. Mishra, H.B. Lal, Solid State Physics 47 (2004) 740-741

4 Photoluminescence Properties of ZnO Micro /Nanostructures Capped with Various Surfactants, N. Singh, K.M. Mishra,F.Z. Haque, Journal ofAdvanced Physics, Volume 5, Number 2(2016) 184 -189


ElectricalConduction of Superionic Conductors Na2ZrO3, S. Tripathi, K.M. MishraS.N. Tiwari, Emerging MaterialReserch, 1 (2012), 205-211



Mass and ChargeTransport in Na3AsO4, S. Tripathi, K.M. MishraS.N. Tiwari, Journal OfScientific and Technical Research, 1 (2011),70-74


High IonicConductivity and Superionic Phase in a Li – System, F.Z. Haque, K.M. Mishra, H.B.Lal, Proceeding of National Conference held at Bhopal(2007)1-6

8 On the Magnetic Susceptibility of Manganese Ferrites, A.K. Lal, F.Z.Haque, K.M. Mishra, Solid State Physics 47 (2004) 937-938


Ionic andElectronic Conductivity in some Alkali Vanadates, K.M. Mishra, A.K. Lal, F.Z. Haque, Solid State Ionics 167(2004) 137-146


Phase Transition Study of Some Superionic Conductors, K.M. Mishra,F.Z. Haque, H.B. Lal, Solid State Physics 45 (2002) 47-48

11 Study of Some Alkali Ion Active Superionic Conductors, K.M. Mishra,F.Z. Haque, H.B. Lal, Solid State Physics 45 (2002) 453-454

Ionic andElectronic Conductivity in some Alkali Salts, K.M. Mishra,F.Z. Haque, H.B. Lal, Solid State Physics 47 (2002) 233-234

S.NO.Title of the bookEditionAuthor(s)ISBN numberYear of publicationPublisherName of the publisher
1 Mathematical Physics & Classical Mechanics1K.M. Mishra, R.B. Singh, Umesh Yadav, A.K. Nishad, P.K.Singh978-81-934553-9-52018NationalKanha Publishing House, Gorakhpur
S.NO.Title of the paperConference/Workshop etc NameConference/Workshop etc TypeOrganised byDate:Place
1 Phase Transition Studies of Some Super Ionic Conductors11th National Conference on Solid State Chemistry and Allied Areas held at Nagpur, IndiaNationalS. K. Porwal College of Art, Science and Commerce, Nagpur20-21, December, 2019Nagpur
2 Super Ionic Phase in Alkali Ion Conducting SystemsTEQIP –III Sponsored National Conference On Smart Materials, Devices and Sustainable Technologies. (SMDST) held at GorakhpurNationalDepartment of Applied Sciences, M. M. M. University of Technology, Gorakhpur15-16, March, 2019Gorakhpur
3 Ionic and Electronic Conductivity in Some Alkali SaltsNational Symposium On Advanced Materials Science held at GorakhpurNationalDepartment of Physics, D. D. U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur7-8, December, 2018Gorakhpur
4 On the phase transition of some superionic systemsNational Conference On Soft MatterNationalDepartment of Physics, D. D. U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur27-28, March, 2018Gorakhpur
5 Electrical transport and phase transition studies of alkali based superionic solidsNational Symposium On Multidimensional Aspects of SpectroscopyNationalDepartment of Physics, D. D. U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur17-18, November, 2017Gorakhpur
6 Use of Material in Ancient AgeA Workshop On Science and Technology in Ancient Indian Literature and Tradition (Bhartiya Dharohar)NationalM. M. M. Engineering College, Gorakhpur 27 October, 2007Gorakhpur
7 On high ionic conductivity in some Li-systemsSixth Conference of the International Academy of Physical Sciences On Emerging Dimensions of Physical SciencesNationalDepartment of Mathematics, D. D. U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur6-8, February, 2004Gorakhpur
8 Ionic and Electronic conductivity in some Alkali saltsDAE Solid State Physic SymposiumNationalGuru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar26-30, December, 2004Amritsar
9 Phase Transition Study of Some Super Ionic ConductorsDAE Solid State Physic SymposiumNationalPunjab University, Chandigarh26-30, December, 2002Chandigarh
10 Electrical Transport Study of Potassium titanateNational Academy of Sciences, Seventy First Annual SessionNationalUniversity of Pune5-7, October, 2001Pune
11 On the Phase transition and existence of Super Ionic Phase in mLi2O3:B2O3:WO3 systemThe National Academy of Sciences India, Seventieth Annual SessionNationalUniversity of Allahabad, Allahabad3-6, November, 2000Allahabad
S.NO.Name of the principal InvestigatorDurationName of the Research ProjectAmount/Fund receivedName of funding agencyYear of sanctionStatus (Complted /Ongoing)
1 Dr. Kripa Mani Mishra2 YearsUGC Start-Up Grant10 LakhUniversity Grants Commission, New Delhi, India2020Ongoing
  • Currently Enrolled: 2
  • Awarded:              0

Administrative Responsibility

S.NO.DescriptionFromToYear & Month
1 Assistant Proctor19/07/201804/09/20191 Year 2 Month
2 Chairman, Anti-Raging Committee 01/07/201230/06/20186 Year 1 Month

Awards & Fellowships

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