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Dr. Dipendra Sharma

Asst. Professor, Department of Physics
1 B.Sc.Physics, Electronics, (Mathematics)DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur2003
2 MScPhysics (Biophysics)DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur2005
3 NETPhysical SciencesCSIR-UGC, New Delhi2011
4 PhDPhysics (Soft Condensed Matter Physics)DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur2017
  • Materials Science (Liquid Crystals)
  • Molecular Biophysics
  • Quantum Computational Techniques
S.NO.DesignationCollege/InstituteFromToTotal Exp.
1 Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Physics, St. Joseph's College for Women, Civil Lines, Gorakhpur01/08/2016 30/06/2018 1 Years 10 Months
2 Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Physics, DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur02/07/2018 29/09/2022 (Till) 4 Years 2 Months
S.NO.YearTitle of the professional development ProgrammeDate and Duration (from – to)
1 2020117th Orientation Programme04/01/20 - 24/01/20


UG Experience: 2 Year(s)
  • B.Sc. Part 1, Mechanics
  • B.Sc. Part 3 Lab

PG Experience: 2 Year(s)
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Laser and Modern Optics
  • Biophysics 1
  • Biophysics 2


Total Research Experience: 2 Years
  • Materials Science (Liquid Crystals)
  • Molecular Biophysics
  • Quantum Computational Techniques
1 Molecular Structure and Vibrational Dynamics Studies of 4-npropyl- 4´-cyanobiphenyl using Ab initio and DFT Methods Dipendra Sharma and Sugriva Nath Tiwari Materials Today: Proceedings 5(7)(2018) 15325-15334
2 Electronic Structure and Nano-Range Pair Potential Studies of a Smectic Liquid Cryatal: 4-n-Nonyloxy-4´-cyanobiphenyl S. N. Tiwari and Dipendra Sharma Materials Today Proceedings 5 (2018) 9051-9060
3 Molecular Structure, Frontier Orbital Analysis and Vibrational Assignments of A Nematic Liquid Crystal: 4-n-ethyl-4´-cyanobiphenyl S. N. Tiwari, Dipendra Sharma and M. K. Dwivedi International Journal of Electroactive Materials 5 (2017) 31-41.
4 Thermodynamical Properties and Infrared Spectra of 4-n-propoxy-4´-cyanobiphenyl: Hartree-Fock and Density Functional Theory Method Dipendra Sharma, Gargi Tiwari and S. N. Tiwari International Journal of Electroactive Materials 5 (2017) 19-30.
5 Electronic Structure, FT-IR Analysis and Nematic Behaviour Studies of Para- methoxybenzylidine p-ethylaniline: Ab-initio and DFT approach S. N. Tiwari and Dipendra Sharma Journal of Molecular Liquids 244 (2017) 241-251.
6 Electronic Structure and Vibrational Spectra of 1OCB Liquid Crystal: A DFT Study Dipendra Sharma and S. N. Tiwari Emerging Materials Research, USA 6 (2017) 322-330.
7 Electronic Structure and Pair Potential Energy Analysis of 4-n-methoxy-4′- cyanobiphenyl: A Nematic Liquid Crystal Dipendra Sharma, M. K. Dwivedi and S. N. Tiwari AIP Conference Proceedings 1728 (2016) 020091-5.
8 Electronic Structure of an Anticancer Drug DC81 and its Interaction with DNA Base Pairs Gargi Tiwari, Dipendra Sharma, K. K. Dwivedi and Manoj Kumar Dwivedi AIP Conference Proceedings (2016) 1728, 020206-1– 020206-4
9 Comparative Computational Analysis of Electronic Structure, MEP Surface and Vibrational Assignments of a Nematic Liquid Crystal: 4-n-methyl-4´-cyanobiphenyl Dipendra Sharma and S. N. Tiwari Journal of Molecular Liquids, 214 (2016) 128-135 (ISSN. 0167-7322).
10 Molecular structure and interaction energy studies of 4, 4´- methoxy bis-hydrazone S. N. Tiwari and Dipendra Sharma Journal of Molecular Liquids, 207 (2015) 99-107 (ISSN. 0167-7322).

In-silico investigation ofoptical, thermal and electronic properties for 4-n-alkoxy benzoic acid series(nOBA; n= 1–8), Dipendra Sharma, Ambrish Kumar Srivastava, Sugriva Nath Tiwari,Journal of Molecular Liquids 294 (2019) 111672


Evolution of Anisotropy, FirstOrder Hyperpolarizability and Electronic Parameters in p-Alkyl-p’-CynobiphenylSeries of Liquid Crystals: Odd-Even Effect Revisited, Abhishek Kumar, Ambrish KumarSrivastava, Sugriva Nath Tiwari, Neeraj Misra, Dipendra Sharma, MolecularCrystals and Liquid Crystals 681 (1), (2019) 23-31


Physico-chemical properties,frontier orbitals and spectral study of a nematogen:4-n-ethoxy-4'-cyanobiphenyl and its two constituents, Sugriva Nath Tiwari, ManojKumar  Dwivedi, Dipendra Sharma, MaterialsToday: Proceedings (2020) https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matpr.2020.04.512


Electro-optical properties andIR analysis of 4-(4-ethoxybenzilideneamino) benzoic acid: A nematic liquidcrystal, Gargi Tiwari, Dipendra Sharma, AIP Conference Proceedings 2220 (1)(2020) 130012


Electronic Structure andThermodynamic Properties of 4-n-heptyl-4́-cyanobiphenyl: A Computational StudyDipendra Sharma, Gargi Tiwari, Sugriva Nath Tiwari, MaterialsToday: Proceedings 15 (2019) 409-415


Frontier Orbital and ConformationalAnalysis of a Nematic Liquid Crystal: 4-n-heptyloxy-4-cyanobiphenyl, G Tiwari,D Sharma, SN Tiwari, NB Singh, Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research,NISCAIR-CSIR, 78 (2019) 687-689

17 Electronic structure, spectra analysis and nano-range interactions of mitoxantrone with RNA base pairs: An anticancer drug, G Tiwari, D Sharma, Materials Today: Proceedings, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matpr.2020.05.014

18 Electronic Structure and Molecular Docking Studies of an anti-HIV Drug: Stavudine, G Tiwari, D Sharma, NB Singh, Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research, NISCAIR-CSIR, India, 79 (2020) 337-339

19 In Silico Investigation of Electronic Structure, Binding Patterns and Molecular Docking of Nevirapine: An anti-HIV Type-1 Drug
G Tiwari, A Kumar, KK Dwivedi, D Sharma
Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds, (2020) 1-16, DOI: 10.1080/10406638.2020.1852268

S.NO.Name of the principal InvestigatorDurationName of the Research ProjectAmount/Fund receivedName of funding agencyYear of sanctionStatus (Complted /Ongoing)
1 Dr. Dipendra Sharma2 YearStudies of Molecular Structure and Physical Properties of Liquid Crystals10 LacsUniversity Grants Commission, New Delhi, India2019Ongoing
The Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA)
Membership No. L30284
  • Currently Enrolled: 2
  • Awarded:              0

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