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Dr. Preeti Gupta

Asst. Professor, Department of Chemistry
M.Sc., Ph.D.
1 B.Sc.Chemistry, BotanyDDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur2003
2 MScChemistryDDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur2005
3 PhDChemistryDDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur2010
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Material Science
  • Polymer Science
S.NO.DesignationCollege/InstituteFromToTotal Exp.
1 Postdoctoral FellowIndian Insitute of Science, Bangalore12/09/2011 11/09/2014 3 Years 0 Months
2 Assistant ProfessorMarwar Business School, Gorakhpur10/08/2015 30/06/2018 2 Years 10 Months
S.NO.YearTitle of the professional development ProgrammeDate and Duration (from – to)
1 2020Orientation Programme4.01.2020-25.01.2020
2 2020Evidence based Teaching and Learning Stratgeies in Higher Education13-15th July,2020


UG Experience: 3 Year(s)

PG Experience: 3 Year(s)


Total Research Experience: 9 years
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Material Science
  • Polymer Science

 Preeti Gupta, S.S.Das, Solidification behaviour and phase diagram studies of vanillin-o-nitrophenolsystem, , Materials Today: Proceedings, 5, (2018), 9126,


        K. T. Jacob, Preeti Gupta, Donglin Han, TetsyuUda, Thermodynamic Propertiy of Yb-Rh-O and Phase Relation in the SystemYb-Rh-O, ”, J. Phase Equili. Diffusion, 37 (2016) 503.

3 K. T. Jacob, Preeti Gupta, Oxygenpotential and phase relations in the system Ca-Co-O and ThermodynamicProperties of Ca3Co2O6 and Ca3Co4O9.163, J. Solid StateChem., 221 (2015) 57.
4  K. T.Jacob, Priyanka Panwar, Preeti Gupta, Prabhakar Singh, Use ofComposition-Graded Bi-Electrolyte Cell for thermodynamic Studies on LanthanumAluminates, J. Electrochem. Soc., 161 (2014) H343
5 K. T. Jacob, Preeti Gupta, Gibbs energyformation for rhodium sulfides, J. Chem. Thermodyn., 70 (2014) 39
6 K. T. Jacob, Preeti Gupta, Donglin Han,Tetsyu Uda, Thermodynamics of NdRhO3 and phase relations in the system Nd-Rh-O”, CALPHAD,43 (2014) 71.
7 K. T. Jacob, Preeti Gupta, Donglin Han,Tetsyu Uda, Phase equilibria in the system Sm–Rh–O and thermodynamic andthermal studies on SmRhO3,J. Mater Sci , 49 (2014) 3135
8 Jayram Singh, Preeti Gupta, S. S. Das,N.B. Singh,Phase diagram study of succinonitrile-vanillin organic alloy system,Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 603 (2014) 1.
9 K. T. Jacob, Preeti Gupta, “Refiningsub-solidus phase relations in the systems CaO–RuO2–SiO2 and CaO–RuO2–V2O5, Mater. Res.Bull. 48 (2013) 3082
10 K. T. Jacob, Preeti Gupta, M. Vinay, Y.Waseda, “Phase Chemistry in the System Nb−Rh−O”, J. solid State Chem.,202 (2013) 234
11 K. T. Jacob, Preeti Gupta, “Gibbs energyof formation of Ca7V4O17”, J. Chem.Thermodyn., 63 (2013) 7
12    K. T. Jacob, Preeti Gupta, “Electrochemical determinationof thermodynamic properties of DyRhO3 and phase relations in the system Dy-Rh-O”, J. SoildState Electrochem., 17 (2013) 607
13 K. T. Jacob, A. K. Dhiman, Preeti Gupta,“System Gd-Rh-O: Thermodynamics and Phase Relations”, J. Alloys andCompound, 546 (2013) 185
14 K. T. Jacob, Karuna Agarawal, Preeti Gupta,“Thermodynamics of TmRhO3 PhaseEquilibria, and Chemical Potentials in the System Tm−Rh−O”, J. Chem. Engg.Data, 57 (2012) 3677
S.NO.Title of the proceedingsConference NameNational / internationalYear of PublicationISBN/ISSN NumberAffiliating Institute
1 Proceeding16th National Symposium on Thermal AnalysisTHERMANS 2008National200800IGCAR, Kalpakkam
S.NO.Title of the paperConference/Workshop etc NameConference/Workshop etc TypeOrganised byDate:Place
1 Phase Relation and Thermodynamic studies:Systamatics of Ln-Rh-O systemsSmart materials and Sustainable TechnologiesNationalDepartment of Chemistry, DDU Gorakhpur University23/02/2019Gorakhpur
S.NO.Name of the principal InvestigatorDurationName of the Research ProjectAmount/Fund receivedName of funding agencyYear of sanctionStatus (Complted /Ongoing)
1 Dr.Preeti Gupta2 yearsLuminescent, Electrical and Thermodynamic Properties: Lanthanide Ions Doped Alkaline Earth Titanates and Zirconates Nanocrytalline Phosphor Materials10 lakhUGC, New Delhi2020ongoing
Life Membership of   ‘The Indian Science Congress Association,Kolkata’ (Membership no. L39593)

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