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Dr. Netra Pal Singh

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
M.Sc., Ph.D.
1 B.Sc.Chemistry, Zoology, Botany,English(comp.)Aligarh Mslim University, Aligarh1993
2 MScInorganic ChemistryAligarh Mslim University, Aligarh1995
3 PhDInorganic Chemistry( Topic of Thesis: Physico-Chemical Studies on Heterobimolecular Complexes)Aligarh Mslim University, Aligarh2000
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Bio Inorganic Chemistry
S.NO.DesignationCollege/InstituteFromToTotal Exp.
1 Assistant ProfessorMeerut College, Meerut02/03/2006 01/03/2018 12 Years 0 Months
2 Associate ProfessorMeerut College, Meerut02/03/2018 03/07/2018 4 Months
3 Associate ProfessorDeen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur04/07/2018 03/07/2022 (Till) 4 Years 0 Months
S.NO.YearTitle of the professional development ProgrammeDate and Duration (from – to)
1 2008Orientation ProgrammeFeb. 1 to 28
2 2014Refresher Course (Disaster Management) March 19 to April 08
3 2017Short Term Course on Research methodology, UGC-HRDC, University of Jaipur, JaipurDec. 18 to 23
4 2010Refresher Course( Chemistry)Nov. 15 to Dec. 04
5 2019Short Term Course on Research methodology, sponsored by RUSSA, and ARIDS, Meerut College, Meerut (Affiliated CCSUniv., Meerut)Dec. 27 ,2019 to Jan. 02, 2020
6 2012 Workshop on Scientific Computing: Theory and Practices, FET, Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar (Uttrakhand)Oct. 08 to 13


UG Experience: 16 Year(s)

PG Experience: 16 Year(s)
  • 16


Total Research Experience: 21
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Bio Inorganic Chemistry
S.NO.Title of the proceedingsConference NameNational / internationalYear of PublicationISBN/ISSN NumberAffiliating Institute
1 Prceedings of National conference on green chemistry, Sept., 16-17Prceedings of National conference on green chemistry, Sept., 16-17Nationalpage 20, 2010NA SRM- University, NCR, Ghaziabad
2 AIP Conf. Proc. 1461( IWFM -2011) date 20-22 Dec., 2011, Behrampur ,OdishaInternational1461, pp387-391, 2012 978-0-7354-1065-7National Institute of Science and Technology, Behrampur ,Odisha
S.NO.Title of the paperConference/Workshop etc NameConference/Workshop etc TypeOrganised byDate:Place
1 Synthesis, Characterization and in vitro Biological Studies of Novel Binuclear Cu(II), Ni(II) and Co(II) Metal Complexes derived from Thymine, Diacetyl and Glycine,International Conference on Chemistry: Frontiers and Challenges, March, 5-6, 2011, Aligarh Muslim University, AligarhInternationalDepartment of chemistry, AMU, AligarhMarch 5-6, 2011Aligarh
2 Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Antimicrobial studies on Manganese(II), Copper(II), Nickel(II), and Cobalt(II) Complexes of N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-pyridine-2-aldimineInternational conference on green technologies for environmental rehabilitation(GETR-2012),International, FET, Gurukul Kangri University,Feb. 11-13, 2012Haridwar
3 Invitro antibactirial and antifungal activities and spectroscopic validation of binuclear Ru(II) and Rh(II) metal complexes of a novel Schiff base ligand derived from 1-amino-5-methyl-2,6-pyrimidine-dione and diacetyl derivativeSecond International conference on Nanotechnology at the biomedical interface,InternationalAmrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, Kerala Feb. 21-23, 2012Kochi
4 Synthesis and spectral studies of Iron(III) complexes of ethyl and t-butyl esters of hydrazine carboxylic acid and their biological screeningInternationalConference on Chemistry: Frontiers and ChallengesInternationalDepartment of chemistry, AMU, AligarhMarch, 2-3, 2013Aligarh
5 Physico-chemical Studies on Novel Complexes of Copper(II), Nickel(II) and Cobalt(III) Derived from Benzil and 2-Aminoethanol and their Fluorescence PropertiesInternational Conference on Global Initiatives in Applied Sciences and Green Technologies (GiAgT-2016)InternationalSRM University, Delhi NCR Campus, Modinagar, GhaziabadSept., 9-11, 2016Modinagar(Ghaziabad)
6 Synthesis and Spectroscopic studies of tetra dentate Schiff base complexes of transition metal ions28thAnnual Conference by Indian Council of Chemists,NationalHem Chand Acharya University, Patan, GujratNov. 7-10, 2009Patan, Gujrat
7 P-Fluorobenzaldehyde-4-iminophenazone complexes with some 3d- transition metal ions and their biological actionNational Seminar on Recent Trends in Chemical ResearchNationalMeerut College, MeerutSept., 4-6, 2010Meerut
8 Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Binuclear Transition Metal Complexes derived from 1-amino-5methyl-2,6-pyrimidine-dione and 2,3-butandione and their Biological Activity29th Annual Conference by Indian Council of ChemistsNationalPanjabUniversity, Chandigrah.Dec., 19-21, 2010Chandigarh
9 Synthesis, Characterization and Spectral Studies of Novel Hetrobinuclear Complexes of Transition Metal ions and their Biological ActivitiesNational Symposium on Recent Advances in Chemical SciencesNationalUniversity of Kota, RajasthanJan. 7-8, 2011Kota, Rajasthan
10 Template Synthesis of Bioactive Binuclear Transition metal Complexes with Cytosine, Diacetyl, Glycine and Their Physico- chemical StudiesNational Conference on Emerging Trends in Chemistry-Biology InterfaceNationalKumaun University, Nainital (Uttrakhand)Nov., 3-5, 2011Nainital
S.NO.Name of the principal InvestigatorDurationName of the Research ProjectAmount/Fund receivedName of funding agencyYear of sanctionStatus (Complted /Ongoing)
1 Dr. Netra Pal Singh18 monthsMinor(Physicochemical Studies on Binuclear complexes of transition Metal ions Derived from Pyrimidine derivatives and Ketones and Their Biological Screenings)1.20 LacUGC, New Delhi2011Completed
2 Dr. Netra Pal Singh3Minor4.10 lacsUGC, New Delhi2015Approved

LifeFellows of Indian Council of Chemists, Agra,

LifeFellows of Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkata

LifeFellows of Indian Science Congress Association, Haridwar Chapter, Haridwar

AnnualFellows of Indian Chemical Society, Kolkata, 2009

  • Currently Enrolled: 3
  • Awarded:              6

S.NO.Scholar NameThesis TitleYear of Award
1 Jagvir SinghSynthesis and Physico-Chemical Studies on the Transition Metal Complexes Containing Schiff base Ligands, Semicarbazones and Thiosemicarbazones2012
2 Km AnuMagnetic and Spectral Studies on Certain Transition Metal Complexes of Pyridine based Substituted Hydrazides and Hydrazones2013
3 Suman MauryaTreatment and Analysis of Filter Backwash water and Sludge water from Drinking water plant. 2013
4 Abhay SrivastavaPhysicochemical Studies on Binuclear complexes of transition Metal ions Derived from Pyrimidine derivatives and Ketones and Their Biological Screenings.2013

Administrative Responsibility

S.NO.DescriptionFromToYear & Month
1 Member of Protorial Board15/07/200905/07/20134 Year 0 Month

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