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Dr. Veena Batra Kushwaha

Professor and Head, Department of Zoology
1 B.Sc.ZBCM D University, Rohtak, Haryana1986
2 MScZoologyM D University, Rohtak, Haryana1988
3 PhDCell Biology, Toxicology, BiochemistryMDU Rohtak, Haryana1993
  • Toxicology
  • Biochemistry
  • Water Pollution
S.NO.DesignationCollege/InstituteFromToTotal Exp.
1 JRF-CSIR M.D. University Rohtak01/05/1988 30/04/1990 1 Years 11 Months
2 SRF-CSIR M.D. University Rohtak01/05/1990 30/04/1993 2 Years 11 Months
3 Project ScientistIIT-Delhi01/05/1995 31/05/1996 1 Years 0 Months
4 RA-CSIR IIT-Delhi10/06/1996 01/10/1997 1 Years 4 Months
5 RA-CSIRDDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur01/10/1997 18/03/2001 3 Years 5 Months


UG Experience: 24 Year(s)
  • Cell biology
  • Toxicology
  • Biotechnology
  • Animal Physiology

PG Experience: 24 Year(s)
  • Biochemistry
  • Animal Behavior
  • Cell Biology
  • Developmental biology


Total Research Experience: 24
  • Toxicology
  • Biochemistry
  • Water Pollution

1.       Pratima Vishwakarma, Pooja Singh, Veena B Kushwaha and Nijendra nath Tripathi, 2018, The effect of aqueous extract of some wild edible macrofungion in vitro diffusion of glucose, KAVAKA 50, 34-37.

2.       Veena B Kushwaha and Preeti Singh, 2017, Effect of ethanolic extract of differentparts of plant (Annona Squamosa) on the fertility of male rats, Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research, 1(5), 1319-1324.

3.       Preeti Singh and Veena B Kushwaha, 2017,Effect of ethanolic extract of the leaves of plant Annona squamosa onhematological and biochemical parameters in normal rats, InternationalJournal of Environment Agriculture and Biotechnology 2(1), 273-276,ISSN:2456-1878.

4.       Veena B Kushwahaand Mugdha Agarhari, 2016, Effectof anthropogenic activities on the physico-chemical quality of river Rapti atGorakhpur, India, InternationalJournal of Environmental Sciences 5(1),39-42, ISSN No.: 2319 1414.

5.       Veena B Kushwahaand Mugdha Agarhari, 2015, Effect of domestic sewage on Phytoplanktoncommunity of river Rapti at Gorakhpur, International Journal of Life Sciences,3(2) 131-140, ISSN No.: 2320 7817(P), ISSN No.: 2320 964X(O).

6.       Veena B Kushwahaand Geeta Bharti, 2015, Effect of tartrazine on acid and alkaline phosphatases in the liver ofalbino rats, World Journal ofPharmaceutical Research, 4(10)2867-2876, ISSN: 2277 7105.

7.       Veena B Kushwahaand Geeta Bharti, 2015, Effect of monosodium glutamate (MSG) administration on some antioxidantenzymes in muscles of adult male mice, Journal of Applied Bio sciences, 41(1) 54-56, ISSN: 0975 685X, eISSN: 0975 864X

8.       Veena B Kushwahaand Aradhana Singh, 2014, Molluscicidal activity of Latex of Calotropis procera , International Journal of Research inEngineering and Biosciences, 2(6)261-266, ISSN: 2321 743X

9.       Veena B Kushwahaand Preeti Singh, 2014, Effect of ethanolic effect of the seeds of Annona squamosa onmammalian blood, AmericanEurasian Journal of Toxicological Sciences, 6 (3) 52-57, ISSN: 2079 2050.

10.   Veena B Kushwahaand Mugdha Agarhari, 2014, Effect of domestic sewage on zooplanktoncommunity of river Rapti at Gorakhpur, India, World Journal Zoology, 9(2) 86-92, ISSN: 1817 3098.

11.    Veena B Kushwaha, 2014, Management of Disaster in India, Strategic Viewpoint,2(1 & 2) 95-100.

12.   Veena B Kushwahaand Geeta Bharti, 2013, Toxicologicaleffect of Disodium 6-Hydroxy-5-[(4-Sulfophenyl)azo]-2-Naphthalenesulfonate on behaviorof albino rats, Advances inBiological Research, 7(6) 223-227, ISSN1992 0067.

13.    Veena B Kushwaha and Geeta Bharti, 2013,Tartrazine induced changes in rat, Trends in Bio sciences, 6(4) 366-369,ISSN: 0974 8431 print/ 0976 2485 online. 

14.    Veena B Kushwaha, 2013, Biodiversity and War, Strategic Viewpoint, 1(2)135-141.

15.    Veena B Kushwaha and Shivani Maurya, 2013,Alterations in liver biochemistry of albino rats exposed to ethanolic extractof Parthenium hysterophorus, WorldJournal Zoology, 8(1) 01-08, ISSN 1817-3098.

16.    Veena B Kushwaha and Mugdha Agarhari, 2012,Seasonal variations and diversity of planktons in river Rapti at Gorakhpur, Advancesin Life Sciences, 1(2) 130-132, ISSN: 2278 3849 print/ 2278 4705 online.

17.    Veena B Kushwaha and Shivani Maurya, 2012,Biological utilities of Partheniumhysterophorus, Journal of Applied and Natural Science, 4(1) 137-143, ISSN:  0974-9411print/ 2231-5209 online.

18.    Veena B Kushwaha and Shivani Maurya, 2012,Variation in acid and alkaline phosphatase activity in the liver of albino ratson exposure to sub lethal concentration of ethanolic extract of Parthenium hysterophorus, InternationalJournal of Current Research, 4(8) 17-20, ISSN:0975-833X, SJIF- 3.845

19.    MugdhaAgarhari and Veena B Kushwaha, 2012,Effect of domestic sewage on the physico-chemical quality of river Rapti atGorakhpur, The Bioscan, 7(1) 135-138, ISSN: 0973 7049.

20.    Veena B Kushwaha and Shivani Maurya, 2011,Toxic effect of ethanolic extract of Partheniumhysterophorus on mammalian blood biochemistry, J. Env. Bio-Sci,25(2) 155-160, ISSN: 0976 6913 print/ 0976 3384 online.

21.    AradhanaSingh and Veena B. Kushwaha, 2011,Toxicological evaluation of Calotropis procera against FreshwaterSnails. Journal of herbs spices and medicinal plants. 17(1) 35-46, ISSN: 1049-6475 print/1540-3580 online, Hindex: 16

22.    ShivaniMaurya and Veena B Kushwaha, 2010,Effect of ethanolic extract of Partheniumhysterophorus on Haematological parameters in rats. The Bioscan,5(3) 437-440, ISSN: 0973 7049

23.    Veena B Kushwaha and Shivani Maurya, 2010,Toxicity study ethanolic extract of Partheniumhysterophorus in rats. Trends in Bio sciences, 3(2) 216-219, 6(4)366-369, ISSN: 0974 8431 print/ 0976 2485 online. 

24.   S. K. Sen and V. B. Kushwaha, 2010,Cross-linked sodium carboxy methyl cellulose as swellable, degradable matrixfor controlled release of pesticide, Journal of Applied Biosciences,36(2) 148- 150, ISSN: 0975 685X print/ 0975 864X online.

25.   Veena B Kushwahaand Aradhana Singh, 2010, Effect of uscharin on the reproduction of the snailLymnaea Acuminata. World Journalof Zoology, 5(1) 15-19, ISSN 1817-3098

26.    AmritaSingh, D.K.Singh and V.B.Kushwaha, 2008,Effect of acetogenins of Annona Squamosa on different developmentalstage of Anopheles stephensi (Diptera: culcidae). International Journalof Natural and Applied Sciences, 4 (3) 266-269, ISSN: 0794 4713.

27.    AmritaSingh, D.K.Singh and V.B.Kushwaha, 2007, Alginates as binding matrixfor biomolluscicides against harmful snail Lymnaea acuminata. J.Appl. Polym. Sci., 105(3), 1275-1279, ISSN: 0021 8995 print/1097 4628online.

28.    V. B. Kushwaha, S.K.Sen and D. K. Singh,2004, Molluscicidal properties of leaves of four local plants againstsnail Lymnaea acuminata, Biol.Memoirs., 30(2), 97-101.


29.    Veena B Kushwaha, 1999,Permeation of molecules through different polymeric membranes, J. Appl. Polym.Sci., 74, 3469-3472.


30.    V. Kushwaha, A. Bhowmick, A.R. Ray and B.K.Behera, 1998, Sustained release of antimicrobial drugs frompolyvinyl alcohol and gum arabica blends. Biomat. Art. Cells, Blood Subs andImmob. Biotech., 26(2), 159-172.


31.    V. Batra, A. Bhowmick, A.R. Ray and B.K.Behera, 1994, Sustained release of ferrous sulphate from polymercoated gum arabica pellets, J. Pharm. Sci., 83(5),632-636.


32.    V. Batra, A. Bhowmick, A.R. Ray and B.K.Behera, 1993, Controlled release of Diptheria toxoid frombiodegradable poly(d,l lactide-glcolide) microcapsules. Published in the Proceedingsof Polymer in Medicine and Surgery, 1-3 Sept, The Netherlands.


33.    V. Batra, A. Bhowmick, A.R. Ray and B.K.Behera, 1993, Modeling of drug release from polymer coatedpellets. Published in the proceedings of Sixth National Conference on Biomaterialsand Artificial Organs. SBAO, Calcutta, Feb. 14-15.

  • Currently Enrolled: 5
  • Awarded:              7

S.NO.Scholar NameThesis TitleYear of Award
1 Preeti SinghPharmacological evaluation for antifertility effect of plant Annona squamosa in albino mice/rat2017
2 Geeta BhartiToxicological and biochemical evaluation of food additives in rats/mice2016
3 Mugdha AgarhariImpact of sewage disposal on water quality and self purification process in the river system2016
4 Neetu Kumari Mall,Faunistic survey of aphids and their natural enemies in southern eastern U.P. 2015
5 Shivani Maurya, Toxicological and biochemical evaluation of Parthenium hysterophorus against rat, 210
6 Aradhana SinghToxicological and Biochemical evaluation of plant Calotropis procera against harmful snails, 2009
7 Subrat Kumar SenControlled Release of Molluscicides from Polymer Matrices2007

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