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Prof. Lallan Yadav

Professor, Department of Physics
1 B.Sc.(Hons.)Banaras Hindu University 1982
2 MScPhysics, Specialization-ElectronicsBanaras Hindu University 1985
3 PhDElectronicsDepartment of Electronics Engineering, Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University 1992
  • Electronics
  • IC Compatible Gas Sensor,Thick/Thin Film Gas Sensors, Cosmology
  • Nano Materials And Sensing Devices


UG Experience: 24 Year(s)

PG Experience: 24 Year(s)


Total Research Experience:
  • Electronics
  • IC Compatible Gas Sensor,Thick/Thin Film Gas Sensors, Cosmology
  • Nano Materials And Sensing Devices
1 Effect of CdS doping on microstructural of titanium dioxide thin filmAK Vishwakarma, L Yadav, AIP ConferenceProceedings 2220 (1), 140004, 2020, Citation-02
2 XANES analysis and structural properties of CdS-doped TiO2 AKVishwakarma, SS Majid, L Yadava Vacuum165, 239-245, 2019, Citation -07
3 Detection of Toluene Using CdS–TiO2 Thin Film Gas Sensor AKVishwakarma, NK Yadav, L Yadava SensorLetters 17 (10), 804-806, 2019, Citation-2
4 Fabrication and characterization of CdS doped ZnO nano thick filmsAK Vishwakarma, L Yadava, Vacuum 155, 214-218, 2018, Citation-10
5 Detection of propanol gas using titanium dioxide based thick filmAK Vishwakarma, L Yadav, IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science andEngineering 404, 2010, Citation-07

Fabrication and Characterization of Nano-TiO2 Thin Film UsingPhysical Vapor Deposition Method AK Vishwakarma, L Yadava, Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine 10 (7-8), 723-726, 2018,Citation-07


Structural and SensingCharacteristics of CdS-TiO2 film as LPG Sensor at Room Temperature, A K Vishwakarma, L Yadava, Asian Resonance7(4) 46-49 (2018) Citation-01


Microstructural properties and sensing behaviour of SnO2 gassensor AK Vishwakarma, LYadav Int. Res. J. Manage. Sci. Technol. 9, 239-244, 2018, citation-01

9 Hybrid Expansion Law for Dark Energy Dominated Universe in f (R,T) Gravity AK Yadav, PK Srivastava, L Yadav InternationalJournal of Theoretical Physics 54 (5), 1671-1679, 2015, Citation-18
10 Some bulk viscous magnetized LRS bianchi type-I string cosmologicalmodels in Lyra’s geometry VK Yadav, L Yadav Rom. J. Phys 58, 64-74, 2013, Citation-03

Discrimination of Gases/Vapors with Tin Oxide Sensors, L Yadava, R Verma, J. Sci. & Tech. Res. 3(2), 26-28, 2013, Citation 00


Squeezing in hidden optical-polarization bydegenerate parametric amplifier,G K Gupta, L Yadava, RS Singh, Romanian Journal of Physics 57, 694-705, 2012, Citation-1

13 Detectionand sensing mechanism of acetone with modeling using Pd/TiO2/Si structure, ,''LallanYadava, RiteshVerma, Ravi S. Singh,''Thin Solid Films,Vol. 520, pp 3039-3042, 2012 Citation-10
14 Hydrogen sensing with Tin-Oxide thick film sensor, LallanYadav, Ritesh Verma and Ravi S. Singh, Lucknow J. Science,  8, 153-155, 2011 Citation-00

Squeezing in hidden optical- polarization generatedby chaotic light in degenerate parametric amplification,,''Ravi S. Singh, Lallan Yadav and Gyaneshwar Gupta''Journal of Physical science(Sanjivani Society of India,  3, 51-56, 2011, Citation-00

16 Anisotropic Bianchi Type-II Massive String Cosmological Models with Time Decaying Λ Termand Thermodynamic Parameters LYadav, VK Yadav, T Singh International Journal of Theoretical Physics 51(10), 3113-3126, 2012, Citation-02
17 Higher (2nd)-order polarization-Wigner function foreven'entangledbi-modal coherent states RS Singh, SP Singh, L Yadava, GK Gupta arXiv preprint arXiv:1204.0678, 2012,Citation-00

Ambient effect on sensing behavior of Pd-gate MOS structure forethanol detection, Lallan Yadav, Ritesh Verma, and Ravi S. Singh''Lucknow J. Science,pp 237-241, 2011, Citation-00

19 SensingProperties of CdS-doped Tin-oxide thick Film Gas Sensor, ,''LallanYadava, RiteshVerma and R. Dwivedi, Sensors and Actuators B, 144, 37-42, 2010, Citation-62
20 Bianchi type-III bulk viscous and barotropic perfect fluid cosmologicalmodels in Lyra’s geometry VK Yadav, L Yadav International Journal of Theoretical Physics 50 (5),1382-1394, 2011, Citation-07
21 Bianchi type-V string cosmological models in general relativityAK Yadav, VK Yadav, L Yadav Pramana76 (4), 681-690, 2011, Citation-07
22 Bianchi type III anisotropic dark energy models with constantdeceleration parameter AK Yadav, L Yadav, International Journal of Theoretical Physics 50 (1),218-227, 2011, Citation-117
23 Bianchi type-v Cosmological Models of the Universe for bulk Viscous fluiddistribution in General Relativity: Expressions for Some Observable Quantities, R.P Singh, L Yadav Rom. Rep. Phys,  63,587, 2011, Citation-05
24 Observation of Squeezing in Hidden Optical-Polarization StatesRS Singh, GK Gupta, L Yadava arXivpreprint arXiv:1006.4481, 2010 
25 Cylindrically symmetric magnetized inhomogeneous string cosmologicalmodels of perfect fluid distribution with variable magnetic permeabilityRP Singh, L Yadav Fizika B-Journalof Experimental and Theoretical Physics-Zagreb 19, 305, 2010, Citation-01
26 Bianchi type-III anisotropic universes with a cloud of strings in Lyra'sgeometry VK Yadav, L Yadav,A K Yadav Fizika B-Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics-Zagreb 19,29, 2010, Ciatation-05
27 New exact solution of Bianchi type V cosmological stiff fluid model inLyra’s geometry VK Yadav, LYadav, AK Yadav Rom J Phys 55, 862-870, 2010, Citatation-05
28 Some Bianchi Type I Cosmological Models of the Universe for Viscous FluidDistribution in Lyra Geometry. R P Singh, L Yadav Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics 6 (22), 2009,Citation-02
29 Cylindrically symmetric inhomogeneous universes with a cloud of stringsAK Yadav, VK Yadav, L Yadav InternationalJournal of Theoretical Physics 48 (2), 568-578, 2009, Citation-31
30 Sensing behavior and mechanism of titanium dioxide-based MOS hydrogensensor L Yadav, N CGupta, R Dwivedi, RS Singh Microelectronics journal 38 (12), 1226-1232, 2007,Citation-20
31 Inhomogeneous perfect fluid universe with electromagnetic fieldA Pradhan, VK Yadav, L Yadav, AKYadav Astrophysics and Space Science 312 (3-4), 267-273, 2007, Citation-05
32 Isotropic homogeneous universe with a bulk viscous fluid in Lyra geometryA Pradhan, L Yadav, AK Yadav Astrophysicsand Space Science 299 (1), 31-42, 2005, Citation-40
33 Generation of Bianchi type V cosmological models with varying-termA Pradhan, AK Yadav, L Yadav CzechoslovakJournal of Physics 55 (4), 503, 2005, Citation-01
34 Generation of Bianchi type V cosmological models with varying Λ-termA Pradhan, AK Yadav, L Yadav CzechoslovakJournal of Physics 55 (4), 503-518, 2005, Citation-48
35 Viscous fluid cosmological models in LRS Bianchi type V universe withvaryingΛ A Pradhan, LYadav, AK Yadav Czechoslovak journal of physics 54 (4), 487-498, 2004,Citation-41
36 Synthesis and Fungicidal Evaluation of Some 1, 3, 4-Thiadiazoles againstP. oryzae and R. solani LS Yadav, GH Mohd, BN Singh Asian Journal ofChemistry 15 (3), 1805, 2003, Citation-03
37 Nature of P-wave signals from Hindukush earthquakes A Ram, J NTripathi, L Yadav Journal ofGeodynamics 19 (2), 159-175, 1995, Citation-01
38 A titanium dioxide-based MOS hydrogen sensor L Yadava, R Dwivedi, SK Srivastava Solid-stateelectronics 33 (10), 1229-1234, 1990, Citation-23
39 Hydrogen Gas Micro Sensor Based on SiO2 and TiO2 SystemsL Yadav, PK Yadava, R Dwivedi, SKSrivastava IETE Journal of Research 36 (3-4), 195-197, 1990,Citation-02
40 A new approach to sugarcane cultivation in agronomy R Singh, L Yadav Proc. 49th Ann. Conv. SugarTech. Assoc. India, 51-62, 1986, Citation-05
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  • Awarded:              0

S.NO.Scholar NameThesis TitleYear of Award
1 Ankit Kumar VishwakarmaA study on Thin film gas sensors for Hydrocarbons2020
2 Ritesh VermaSome studies based on MOS/Thick film gas sensors for detection and discrimination of gases and organic vapors2014
3 Vineet Kumar YadavA Study on some Cosmological models in General Relativity2011
4 Naveen Chand GuptaStudies on Titanium Dioxide based MOS gas Sensors2008
5 Anil Kumar YadavA Study on Cosmological models in Gravitational theory2008

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