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Dr. Alok Kumar Goyal

Professor and Head, Department of Economics
1 B.A.Economis, Ant. HistoryD D U Gorakhpur University1997
2 M.A.EconomicsD D U Gorakhpur University1999
3 NETEconomicsUGC1999
4 PhDAgricultural EconomicsD D U Gorakhpur University2014
  • Indian Economy
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Micro Economics
S.NO.DesignationCollege/InstituteFromToTotal Exp.
1 Associate ProfessorD D U Gorakhpur University19/07/2015 30/05/2018 2 Years 10 Months
2 ProfessorD D U Gorakhpur University30/05/2018 29/09/2022 (Till) 4 Years 4 Months
3 Lecturer ( honorarium)D D U Gorakhpur University24/02/2000 31/03/2001 1 Years 1 Months
4 LecturerSant Vinoba P G College Deoria11/04/2001 17/07/2001 3 Months
5 Lecturer D D U Gorakhpur University19/07/2001 19/07/2014 13 Years 0 Months
6 Junior Statistical Officer( Investigator)Ministry of Planning & Statistics01/12/1999 24/02/2000 2 Months


UG Experience: 22 Year(s)
  • 22

PG Experience: 22 Year(s)
  • 22


Total Research Experience:
  • Indian Economy
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Micro Economics

Goyal,A.K.(2019): “An Analysis ofInter-regional Disparity in Financial Inclusion of Uttar Pradesh” Remarking An Analisation Title Code:UPBIL04788 Vol-3 Issue-12*August– 2019, ISSN NO.: 2455-0817.



Goyal,A.K.(2019): “Vitaran Pranalee Ka Prabhavee Krivanvayavan:Khadya Suraksha Ke Liye Aavashyak ,ShrinkhlaEk Shodhparak Vaicharik Patrika, P: ISSN NO.: 2321-290X  RNI :UPBIL/2013/55327,  VOL-6* ISSUE-6*(Part-1)  Feb- 2019     E: ISSN NO.: 2349-980X


Goyal,A.K.(2019): “Interdivisional Disparity in Financial Inclusion of Uttar Pradesh”, Shrinkhla Ek ShodhparakVaicharik Patrika P: ISSN NO.: 2321-290X  RNI :UPBIL/2013/55327,  VOL-6* ISSUE-6*(Part-1)  Feb- 2019     E: ISSN NO.: 2349-980X.


Goyal,A.K.(2019): “Bharat Men Khadyannon Ka rajywar sthiti Ka VishleshanShrinkhlaEk Shodhparak Vaicharik Patrika, P: ISSN NO.: 2321-290X  RNI :UPBIL/2013/55327,  VOL-6* ISSUE-9*(Part-1)  May- 2019     E: ISSN NO.: 2349-980X

5 Goyal,A.K.(2019):  “Bharat men KhadyaSuraksha ki Sthiti ka ek Vishleshan” RemarkingAn AnalisationTitle Code:UPBIL04788 Vol-4Issue-2*May – 2019, ISSN NO.: 2455-0817

Goyal, AlokaKumar(2017): Rural Transformation in India: ANeed for development”, InnovationThe Research Concept,Vol-2*Issue-8* September- 2017, Pg- 28-30 Impactfactor -3.45


Goyal, AlokaKumar(2016): Impact of Globalization on Growth and Employment Opportunity inIndia”, Remarking And Analisation , Title Code:UPBIL04788 Vol-I* Issue-V*August -2016 ISSN NO.: 2455-0817.


Goyal, AlokaKumar (2017): Skill Development inIndia: A Need  for Inclusive Growth” ,Skill Development inIndia: Challenges & Possibilities , 2017  ISBN-978-93-80-961-31-6Pg-12-16


Goyal, AlokaKumar (2016): “Agricultural Sector Reforms in India: A Need for RuralTransformation”,UPUEA, Economic Journal ,Vol.12,2016 Pg593-596


Goyal, AlokaKumar (2016): “Impact of globalization on Growth Employment Opportunity inIndia”, Multi-disciplinaryInternational Journal,Remarking An Analisation, Vol-1, Issue-V, 2016 Pg81-85.


Goyal, AlokaKumar (2016): “Role of RBI & Government of India for FinancialInclusion”, UPUEA, Economic Journal , Vol.12,2016 Pg-325-328


Goyal, Aloka Kumar (2016): “Globalization: A Pressure for Inclusive Growth in India”,NEW HORIZON,A Journal ofHumanities and Social Sciences ,Vol. 3, 2016 ,Pg 1-6


Goyal, Aloka Kumar &P. K. Bharati(2014): “Banking Sector and Financial Inclusion inIndia : An Analysis”,UPUEA, ISSN0975-2382, Vol-10


Goyal,Aloka Kumar(20014) : “Input Responsiveness of FoodgrainsProductivity in Uttar Pradesh”, UPUEA, ISSN 0975-2382,Vol-10


Goyal, Aloka Kumar(2014) : Statusof Agricultural Infrastructure in Uttar           Pradesh: An Analysis”, International Journal of Advanced andInnovative          Research(IJAIR) ISSN: 2278-7844, Impact Factor: 0.349


Goyal, AlokaKumar(2014) : Agricultural Inputs in Uttar Pradesh:Regional Level Analysis, International Journal ofHumanities & Social Studies’ (ISSN  2321 – 9203)Impact Factor: 0.587(IIFS).


 Goyal, Aloka Kumar(2014) : “Crop-wise Productivity in UttarPradesh: An Analysis of RegionalVariation”, International Journal of AgricultureInnovations andResearch (IJAIR), ISSN (Online) 2319-1473 ( ICV : 5.82)ImpactFactor-1.1260(UIF).



Goyal, Aloka Kumar(2014) : “Bharat Mein Krishi Vikas Eh Aavashkata: Ek Vishleshana” Gorakhpur SocialScientist,ISSN-09768521


Goyal,A.K.& Kumar,S.(2013): “Agricultural Production Trends and CroppingPattern in Uttar Pradesh: An Overview, International Journal of Agriculture Innovations and ResearchVolume 2, Issue 2, ISSN (Online) 2319-1473, ( ICV : 5.82) ImpactFactor-1.1260(UIF).


Goyal, Aloka Kumar (2013): AgricultureProduction in Uttar Pradesh: A Regional Analysis”, InternationalJournal of Advanced and Innovative Research (2278-7844)  Volume 3 Issue 2,Impact Factor: 0.349.


Kumar,S.&Goyal, A.K. (2013):Intensity and Depth of Poverty: Myths and Reality UPUEA, ISSN 0975-2382.


Goyal, Aloka Kumar (2012): "Land Reforms: A Processof Agriculture Development and Social Justice in Rural India". IJAIR,Volume1Issue 1 pg-26 – 29,ISSN (Online) 2319-1473.( ICV : 5.82) Impact Factor-1.1260(UIF).

23 Kumar,S. &Goyal, A.K.(2012): Institution Economics andEconomic Development: Theoretical Foundation” ,UPUEA, ISSN 0975-2382 .
24 Goyal, A. K, (2019) :Satisfactionin Public Transport Service of Uttar Pradesh with Special Reference toGorakhpur District, ResearchDiscourse  An International RefereedResearch Journal, Published by : SARDI, Varanasi, U.P. (INDIA)

Year VIII, No. VII, Supplement 2018, (ISSN2277-2014) : PageNo. : 93-96

25 Goyal, A.K.( 2019)Government Intervention in Agrarian Society : A Need for Rural Transformation in India,Research Discourse (ISSN 2277-2014) : An Intl. Peer-reviewed Refereed Research Journal, Published by : SARDI, Vns. U.P. (INDIA)Indexed by : IIJIF, I2OR, SJIF, I2OR Impact Factor : 5. 540, Vol . X, No. III, JULY- SEPTEMBER 2020, Page No. : 64-68
S.NO.Title of the bookTitle of the chapterNational / internationalYear of PublicationISBN NumberAffiliating InstituteAffiliating InstituteName of the publisher
1 Emerging Issues in Foreign Direct Investment (ed)Pattern and Structure of FDI in IndiaNational2015978-93-82171-43-0D D U Gorakhpur UniversityD D U Gorakhpur UniversityPratyus Publication, Delhi,
2 Reinventing Module for Finance and Business ManagementCorporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development: Indian ScenarioNational2014978-93-81212-56-17D D U Gorakhpur UniversityD D U Gorakhpur UniversityBharati Publication New Delhi
  • Currently Enrolled: 7
  • Awarded:              3

S.NO.Scholar NameThesis TitleYear of Award
1 Vinayanand Yadav Bharat mein Khad Suraksha ki sthit ka adhyayan2019
2 Pavan Kumar BhartiA study of Financial Inclusion in Uttar Pradesh2019
3 MANJESHWARA Study of Public Services in Uttar Pradesh with Special Reference to Gorakhpur District2021

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